HYALOCOVER Biological Mesh

Hyalocover® Biological Mesh

Safe, absorbable, cuttable, suturable bio-compatible biological mesh

Where touse?

Hyalocover is an absorbable mesh of fabric. It can be used in orthopedic trauma and reconstruction, soft tissue regeneration in surgical treatment and tendon repair

  • Treatment of periosteum (bone membrane)
  • Treatment of bone defects due to surgical intervention
  • Treatment of tendon, ligament and nerve injuries
  • Treatment of suitable fractures
  • Treatment of pseudoarthrosis
  • Treatment of osteosynthesis

Absorbable and suturable fusion implants may promote regeneration of the muscular system.

According to their physical and biological properties, they play an auxiliary role in bone formation.

They reduce fibrous tissue formation and increase wound perfusion by promoting cellular proliferation, osteogenesis and bone healing



Safe: Manufactured with hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin

Shapeable: Can be easily cut in any way to accommodate different surgical sites

Effective: Supports natural tissue repair process

Ready to use: No additional process

Compatible: Hyaluronic acid content is fully compatible with the body

Suturable: Easy to fix

Absorbable: Completely absorbed after 6 to 8 months


HYALOCOVER is an absorbable mesh of fabric that can be designed for use in orthopedic and trauma reconstructive procedures to maintain the relative position of bone fragments from ossified bone tissue (autograft, allograft and bone graft substitutes) or fragmented fractures It holds CE mark.

HYALOCOVER, is not designed for weight bearing application