Chemical Composition

OSTEOwelt TCP synthetic bone graft is produced from TCP, which is composed of calcium phosphate molecules that resemble the mineral phase of the natural bone structure.


Indicated for filling of all (extremity, spine and pelvis) traumatic and pathological bone gaps. It can also be used with other graft materials. However, graft type and volume to be used should be decided by surgeon, depending on the size and type of defect.

Additionally; it is indicated in all other bone tissue repairs required by the physician such as repairing traumatic & pathological bone defects, osteosynthesis, treatment of fractures and tibial osteotomy.

Features and Advantages

  • Biocompatibility: It does not cause any reaction in the body
  • Bioresorbable: Substitutes actual bone
  • Porosity: It provides a quick and full osseointegration
  • Synthetic: No risk of immune reaction, cross contamination and infection.
  • Ready to Use: Reduces operation time.
  • Sterilization: Sterilized by gamma irradiation

Best of Its Kind

OSTEOwelt® > 95% tricalcium phosphate /silicate is a next generation synthetic bone graft which enables bone regeneration and optimaly fulfills both surgeons and patients' needs.


We are continuously cooperating with research institutes and universities to meet the requirements of today's bone grafts and to improve our materials.

100% Safe, 100% Synthetic

Patient safety is always our first priority. We are committed to provide the best quality products for bone formation with the highest safety