SOVİSC Sodium Hyaluronate

Injectable Synovial Fluid for Intra-articular
Use in the treatment of Arthritis

What is SOvisc?

So-Visc is an introarticular injection produced by biological fermantation method and including ‘hyalunorik acid’ that is in high-purity and is generally used in the treatment of Osteoartirid. The product that is similar to joint-fluids found naturally in joints serves as lubricants and shock-absorber like joint-fluids. Namely, So-Visc is a biological material replacing with fluids which decrease or disappear in patients’ joints. It is Class-Three material which has CE and ISO certificates and which is suitable for European Standards.

Where to use?

•Osteoartirid treatments
•Following artroscopy
•Following menuscal repairs
•Following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
•Following mozaicplasty
•Patients with isolated patella-femoral knee and as an adjuvant treatment or to delay operations in patients with osteokondral defects.

How to use?

It is not different from other intraarticular injections types in terms of practice. It could be used either for a knee or for both these days

As a first step, the area which will be injected should be cleaned by an expert. Injection is checked whether the needle reaches the right area.

In case there is excess fluid in joints, this excess fluid is drawn and checked if it is inflammatory.

When no dangerous situation is observed, the needle is leaved in the knee and So-Visc is injected into the area.

There is no risk to apply painkiller into joints during pre-period of the injection.Patients are advised to abstain from any activities which could make them tired for two or three days.

According to its type and milligram, So-Visc gives treatment between 3-12 months.


So-Visc improves Sodium-Hyalunorat levels in joints in medium-term. It also helps mechanical functions of cartilage to repair by stimulating the body naturally. The product produces an effect as natural joint-fluid and it makes joint lubricitate as well as contributing the prevention of joint pain. Consequently, it relieves pain and relaxes patient.

It replaces synovial fluid after arthroscopy operations, increases mobility in the joint and helps prevent post-operative complications.


2ml %1 (20mg)
2ml %1,6 (32mg)
2ml %2,4 (48mg)
3ml %2 (60mg)

So-Visc Cross Linked

Some patients complain about temporary pain and pressure for 2-3 days after intra-articular injection is operated. This model in which the hyaluronic acid molecules are cross-linked to each other, prevents complaints as well as staying in the joint for longer periods and has a therapeutic effect. So-Visc is slippery and elastic. It concentrates in the required area according to the movement of the joint. In this way, patients not only get through the process more comfortably, but also get a longer treatment.


2ml %1 (20mg Cross-linked hyalunoric acid)
2ml %1,6 (32mg Cross-linked hyalunoric acid)
2ml %2,4 (48mg Cross-linked hyalunoric acid)
3ml %2 (60mg Cross-linked hyalunoric acid)

SO Visc Cross-Linked + Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate is one of the important substances for cartilage and bones. In cases of osteoarthritis, it stops the progression of the disease, reduces joint pain and strengthens the joint at the same time. Chondroitin sulfate is a molecule found in sufficient amounts in healthy individuals. However, in people affected by osteoarthritis, the amount of chondroitin sulfate in the articular cartilages decreases. In these patients, chondroitin sulfate loss occurs due to cartilage wear. Taking chondroitin sulfate from the outside protects the cartilage and provides an effective treatment method.

While these models prevent pain and swelling thanks to the cross-link, it provides nutrition to cartilage tissues thanks to chondroitin sulfate. Therefore, it prevents the narrowing of the joint space.


2ml 48mg chondroitin sulfate + 32 mg hyalunoric acid (cross-linked)
2ml 60mg chondroitin sulfate + 40mg hyalunoric acid (cross-linked)
2ml 72mg chondroitin sulfate + 48 mg hyalunoric acid (cross-linked)
3 ml 90mg chondroitin sulfate + 60mg hyalunoric acid (cross-linked)

•All of our products and models are biocompatible and can be used safely (COMING SOON)