BİOLOT Medical is a company based on pain management, tissue regeneration, bone regeneration and wound healing. We aim to provide innovative medical solutions that make patients look younger, feel more active and remain active. It is our quality and target policy to help individuals all over the world naturally return to life.


Conscious that our most important value is human resources, by employing employees with high competencies and continuously investing in employees to keep employee quality and satisfaction at the highest level. We are innovative and creative, we take our strength from the quality of our employees. As Biolot Medical, our goal is to produce innovative ideas and to create successful product groups and to increase our portfolio all the time with our entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to deliver successful products to the world with NATIONAL INNOVATION AND NATIONAL AWARENESS.

Biolot Medical AŞ, is established by the group of companies Omina Medikal Ltd., Tunisa Medikal Ltd. ve Aksay Sağlık Ltd.