Cartilago is a cell-free cartilage implantproduced from the mix of high-purity HA(Hyaluronic Acid) and PGA(Polyglycolic Acid)

Thanks to its 3-D and fibred structure, it constitutes an appropriate area for regeneration by releasing HA and PGA.

Having necessary features to fill defective area, Cartilago is a bio-degradable prothesis which both causes re-modelling of tissues in the operation area that is operated and both helps bone and cartilage tissues to recover. It acts as a scaffold in the recovery of Condral and Osteocondral defects. It removes damaged tissues; consequently, it helps fresh and healthy cartilages or bones to be created.

How to use?

Cartilage defects must be debrided until Sub-condral bone is uncleared.

Micro-fraction method is implemented and by this way releasing and mobility of mesenchymal stem cells are taken for granted.

To regain its flexibility, Cartilago is kept in a sterilized container with a rehydrating solution. Alternatively, PRP(Platelet rich plasma) or HA(Hyaluronic acid) can also be used.

In accordange with defect,the product can be cut appropriately and become foldable.

With the help of surgical instruments, Cartilago is applied on defective area where micro-fraction is created.

It sticks to area naturally where mesenchymal stem cells flourishes due to its 3-D and fibred structure.

Even so, Cartilago is also suitable for being used with Bio-pin or Fibrin-glue.

Why Cartilago?

Produced by sugar-based molecules instead of proteins.
Includes high-purity HA found in all living things.
Includes molecules with the highest-ability of hydrophilicity.
Effective in cell proliferation and tissue formation.
Newest and Safest surgial method.
Suitable for Artroscopic or Open-Surgery.


General bone defect filling material
Repairing periodontal defects
Raising the base of the sinüs
Repairing metaphysical defects
Repairing defects in long bones and limbs
Treatment of arthrodesis and benign tumors
Spinal fusion
Also, Cartilago can be safely used in maxillofacial reconstruction, bone augmentation, and etc.


2,5x2,5 cm.
3,5x3,5 cm.
Biocompatible and Bioabsorbable.
CE-Certificated and Class-III Medical Material.
Sterilized by Gama Radiation.