HYALOCOVER Biological Mesh

Safe, absorbable, suturable and biocompatible mesh.

It is produced from PGA and HA.

It is a soluable mesh that nourishes the area which is injected with PGA and HA for 6-8 months, and that both accelerates the production of bones and helps them to improve, transfering the necessary nutrients and causing cell proliferation.

It is absorbed and excreted from the body within 6-8 months.

Where and how to use?

Periosteum (Treatments Of Periosteum)

Bones get necessary nutrients through periosteum and this part of the body are damaged during the process of bone fractions. When the damaged bone is entrenched by specialist, the damaged area is covered by using hylacover. It acts as a scaffold in the transmission of nutrients that bones is needed by bones and renews periosteum. As a result, a far safer and faster recovery is observed commonly.

Treatments Of Bone Loss Caused By A Tumor & Pseudoarthrosis

The damaged area is covered by Hyalocover in the treatment of segmenter bone defects associated with tumor and pseudoarthrosis surgeries. Thanks to this process, PGA and HA emission to the area is taken for granted for 6-8 months after operation. As a result, it is inevitable that a faster recovery is observed.

Treatments of Tendon, Ligament & Nerve Injuries

Hyalocover is used as a Biological HA-Based scaffold in the treatments of tendon ligaments and nerve injuries to help treatment process. It is entrenched by covering upon the tendon which is treated. As a result, it prevents adhesion and provides mobility as well as renewing muscle system’s functions.

Briefly, Hyalocover:

How we use grafts (autograft, allograft, bone substitute...) for scaffold purposes in reconstruction surgery for segmental bone defects, whether after tumor surgery or due to infection or nonunion; "Hyalocover" creates a similar effect for the purpose of scafold in periosteal regeneration.

If adequate periosteal regeneration can be achieved, bone regeneration becomes faster and stronger with the appropriate biological environment (cytokines, growth factors...) created by this new periosteum.

In addition, by acting as a scaffold in tendon surgery (primary repair, tendon transfer...), "Hyalocover" reduces the incidence of many complications such as re-rupture and limitation of motion after adhesions.

It shows this effect just like in the periosteum, this time by regeneration of the tendon sheath.

•Helps to improve the production of bones and renews muscle system’s functions in patient’s body, according to the area that is used.
•Decreases production of fibrosis tissues, enhances circulation, helps to transfusion of necessary nutrients and cells.
•Provides Osteogenesis.
•Creates a far safer area.
•Accelerates the process of synoterisis in the treatment of stabilization of one-piece fractures.
•Facilitates transfusion of both tissues and necessary nutrients during the treatment of Osteosynthesis.
•Produced from HA with free-Animal Origin.
•Cuttable easily to adaptto different surgery areas. %100 Biocompatible
•Absorbable and is absorbed and excreted from the body within 6-8 months.
•Manufactured in accordance with EU manufacturing standards and CE-certificated.