OSTEOwelt® Synthetic Bone Grafts are used to help repair all iatrogenic or acquired bone defects, strongly supporting the formation of new bone tissue and assisting surgical treatment of bone defects. It can be mixed with bone marrow, blood and other clinically known bone grafts.

OSTEOwelt®; > 95% TriCalciumPhosphate is a Crunch Bone Graft Material with Silicate Additive, due to its Silicon Content, in Dirty-White / White Color.

OSTEOowelt® has a structure that contains only TriCalciumPhosphate.

It has a physical structure which has high similarity to natural bone tissue morphologically and chemically at a total pore volume of 1-80% with pores between 1 - 550 µm in diameter.

Product; It is designed as cube, granule, strip, wedge-block, putty in different sizes in order to fully adapt to different defect sizes and geometries.

OSTEOwelt® is expected that the body will undergo partial or complete biodegradation between 6 and 12 months following implantation, partially or completely disappearing in the body. This has been proved by biodegradation experiments.

The product does not contain any animal tissue or blood derivative

The product does not contain any human tissue or blood derivative.

The product does not contain any phthalates or derivatives..

The product does not contain any radioactive components.

OSTEOwelt® is a Class-III synthetic bone graft that is placed on the market in a double sterile pouch that does not require any pre-treatment before use.

OSTEOwelt® is a single-use product which is sterilized by gamma method, it is not suitable to be re-sterilized and used, it does not need to be sterilized / re-sterilized by the user.

The product may come into contact with osteobiological materials and bone marrow. It has been proved by biodegradation experiments.